Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Fripperies - Picture Paradise

I have a blank grey wall in my living room which is crying out for some decoration. I was initially thinking one large print but the adjoining wall already has 3 large prints and I think this wall needs a little less uniformity.

So here are some of my "pictures on walls" inspiration. As soon as I have the ones I want collected up and put on my wall I will post a pic of that as well. At the moment it's just grey, a lovely shade of grey, but blank and grey nonetheless. Poor wall...

This is lovely, so neat even though the frames are all different sizes. (from

Different frames and sizes pulled together by a common colour theme. (

Lovely idea for a nursery, the colours are so fresh and pretty. (

This I love! I think I am going to aim for a look like this but with different coloured frames, do love the B&W though! (

Love the mix of different frames with the mirror and lettering over the simple white chest. (

I don't have any stairs but if I did I'd do this! (

And finally... Pictures on trees!! I know this isn't indoors but came across this on and think it looks amazing! 

So there you go, some pretty pictures of... ummm... pictures for you to enjoy :o) 

Have a lovely weekend x

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