Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sprinklings of (Vintage) Pixie dust!

So, I thought I'd write a little post about some of what we do. Specifically our Makeover service!

We offer this service because I passionately believe that wherever possible furniture should be saved from landfill.
People often don't realise the potential an old piece of furniture they've lived and put up with for a long time can have. They want a new look for their room and as furniture is such a huge part of the "look" of a room the logical thing is to start afresh with a new bedroom suite/table and chairs set etc. So often though that boring old pine/dark/undesirable in some way furniture can be transformed into exactly what you want at a fraction of the expense of starting all over again!

I always feel so sad when I see perfectly useful, but unattractive, piece of furniture broken at the bottom of a skip but I do realise that people often lack the time and confidence to do these kind of makeovers themselves, which is why we offer this service.
We can work with any colour scheme, fixing anything that needs fixing, replacing ugly handles with lovely new ones if necessary and generally transforming pieces that looked fit for the skip into pieces you'll want to keep for a long time.

Whether your furniture is antique, vintage or modern, our techniques will work. We use high quality paints in any colour you like and are happy to suggest colours to compliment your decor if you don't know exactly what you'd like. We are completely honest if we ever do come across a piece of furniture that can't be helped and would never leave a client with anything we wouldn't be happy to have in our own house.

The images in the post are just a (very) few examples from makeovers we completed last year. You can see some more on our Facebook page too. I hope that if I can blog more regularly I can do full makeover posts as they happen so you can see the process and progress.

Our ethos as a company is to re-use as much as possible, all the furniture we sell are "upcycled" antique or vintage pieces, our accessories are made from reclaimed and vintage materials wherever possible and so it makes sense to us that we offer a service to help other people upcycle and save money at the same time.

If you are interested in having a piece of your own furniture "made over" do please get in touch, we can travel within a reasonable distance of Surrey/Sussex and are always happy to give a no obligation quote, just send me an email to and I'll be happy to help.

Obviously those of you who are able to do this yourself... well I'm preaching to the converted and yay for you!! :) I'd love to see some of your real life makeovers too so feel free to share! :)


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