Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shoes, glorious (Irregular) shoes!

Like many people out there I LOVE shoes, so I thought I'd do a frivolous little post dedicated to the amazing beautifulness that is the shoe! I have a lot of shoes... But in particular I have a slight obsession with Irregular Choice shoes - I love the way they have real personality, always get comments and are like works of art for your feet! If I could afford it, I would own loads of them.

Sadly I don't but I do have a few pairs including these beautiful Hot Pink Cortesan pair - these were my wedding shoes and the start of my love of IC!

Look at them! Beautiful from the top to the sole and so comfy! Ahhh.

Here's a pic of me wearing them on my wedding day dancing with my lovely friend Richard. Excuse the slightly weird pic but I couldn't find many with my feet in! :)

I also have these Miaow boots:

And these gorgeous floral Flick Flacks:

For which I have this beautiful matching bag!

But there are MANY, MANY more on my wishlist!

These AMAZING versions of the Courtesan! Red! Skulls! Bows! Fab!

These Fresh Cut Grass. Red (again) but with little turquoise Birds! Ooh I may implode with the gorgeousness!

Yummy Tea and Cakes. Almost good enough to eat!

Abigail's Party. There are loads of this style I'd love to own, but who doesn't want some purple boots in their lives?

So there you go, one of my (not so) secret obsessions!
Do you have a particular shoe brand you love? Are there other brands I should be looking at for my shoe collection? I'm open to any and always looking for new shoes I can obsess and ooh and aah over! :o)

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