Thursday, 26 July 2012

Juggling? Or dropping the balls?

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost 6 months since I last updated this blog :o/ I don't think blogging is ever going to be my forte! 

But this fact - that I have been utterly useless at keeping this blog up - has got me thinking, mostly about how we all juggle so many balls, so much of the time. Some of us do it brilliantly and some of us (me) could sign up for a new career in the circus we make even the clowns look graceful and poised!

I am utterly envious of all the people I see who seem to run successful businesses, blog regularly, have a family, keep up their twitter and facebook accounts and still manage to have a life! How do they do that? Am I just completely terrible at time management? Between Vintage Pixie, the kids, home and trying to maintain some semblance of a life and doing some very occasional (another thing I want to change) exercise I just never seem to have the time. 

But I wonder, whether these other people, the "do it all, have it all" people really do? I think if I actually asked any of them they may well have a similar story to tell of not really being able to keep everything they would like to up to the standard they would like. Maybe I should stop beating myself up about the fact that, for now, I'm not capable of doing everything I want to do?

So, I have failed this year as a blogger, not because I don't want to do well and write lots of fascinating posts but simply because of all the balls I juggle, the blogs are the easiest to drop. I think for now I will cut myself some slack, with old adage of "this too shall pass". We are in the midst of the school holidays, my usual childcare is no longer available and I feel a little overwhelmed by everything I've been having to do. In September my youngest starts school full time, I may well find then that I can be that "super-human" do it all person after all! :)

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