Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Art, Icons and Inspiration

So.. finally another blog post from me. This time no promises about how "I will do better" etc because, as has been proven by my lack of posts, I apparently won't!

Anyway, this post is to show you my AMAZING new wall art that now takes pride of place in my living room.

A set of three iconic quotes by three iconic women: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Mae West (you don't get much more iconic than that!) beautifully illustrated and presented in his own unique style by my super-talented little brother Jack!

I had searched high and low for the 'right' pieces of art for the big bare space in our living room and had failed miserably at finding anything. I love typography so had flirted with the idea of some typographic art but still nothing was quite right and often lovely things were out of my price range.

So instead of buying a mass-produced piece I decided to use the same principle I do with my furniture: get exactly what I wanted and have a completely bespoke piece.
I chose three of my favourite quotes by three of my favourite ladies and asked Jack to come up with something.
I left everything else in terms of style and design to him, I simply chose the quotes and Jack did the rest. He did each one in slightly different but complimentary tones and with a "distressed" style finish and I think they look amazing and suit the decor in our flat perfectly.

We printed them onto high quality art paper and I now have three completely unique prints gracing my walls and finishing my living room to perfection.

Jack is a final-year art student and available for commissions so you too could have an amazing piece of artwork that is just for you - take a look at his site, it's full of fantastic, unusual and amusing art.

Anyway, enough of the waffle and pimping out the illustrator. Here are the images:




And finally, them all in-situ on my living room wall - they do look a lot more impressive in real life.. :o)

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